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Gucci Black Friday recently in Milan fashion week 2014 autumn and winter series of single goods, consistent luxury style the Italy high-end fashion brand, into the noble gentleman Hale in the wind. This season in the design is quite as. Designer Frida Giannini is through the use of khaki, dark brown, malachite green and powder blue color Gucci 2014 Black Friday , plus line sense of Hale tailoring, brought a ray of fresh temperament for the fall and winter of this year, also announced a brand revolution. Interested friends to pay more attention to the. The previous quarter, Frida Giannini is pregnant. She launched the waist skirt and close to the skin of Python leather skirt at the launch of the Gucci, Gucci Black Friday Sale these she was body may not wear it. Today, she will take the brand to the movement style, 2014 Black Friday Gucci including mesh shirt, shorts, athletic basketball pants and exposure of the triangle bra. After the birth of a child, Giannini spent the whole summer exercise. “I want to come back with my abs,” she said backstage Gucci Black Friday .
Gucci 2014 Black Friday  The design of some of their Gucci 2014 Black Friday Sale  own understanding of things are not bad. The entire show with a cool attitude than other works, recently released in contour and mentally more free. In the motion style modified also added some street is popular element. We have not seen as Gucci Black Friday 2014 Sale  appeared last week Marc Jacobs conference that Exercise Sandals – as Gucci, flat seems to go too far. Gucci Black Friday Sale But that of Giannini is indeed an interesting new field. But think it, for one has been to equestrian contractors famous brand, this extension also in surprise. Whether used for morning exercise, Gucci Thanksgiving Day Sale Giannini Gucci always works with a decadent atmosphere Gucci Black Friday 2014 Sale . Not all fascinating sport wind creative all like that Bette Franke body as perfect — like a bow on both sides with green Lurex dress is not so satisfactory. Gucci 2014 Black Friday Sale  There are cross ribbon all make people for designers trying to portray the sexy feeling some doubts. In spite of this, see Giannini take it easy or very good 2014 Black Friday Gucci .